Sub Clubs & Outreach

Book Club
Chair:     Co-Chair:
Love to Read? Get together with us as we eat snacks, drink beverages, talk about our lives, and, oh yea, discuss a book. We choose books based on club member recommendations.

Chair:       Co-Chair:
This is such a blast!!! Win or lose! Enjoy snacks and each other’s company once a month for a night of excitement. BUNCO!
Fit Club
Lets meet to exercise! We meet Wednesdays and Fridays, and always at your pace!

Game Night
Chair:             Co-Chair:
A chance to demonstrate your skills and impress your friends. Let’s get our game on! Suggestions for games always welcome.

Ladies Night Out
Chair:                  Co-Chair:
Does a night out with the girls sound GREAT? Once a month we’ll get together and do something fun just for us girls.

Project Hospitality
Chair:   Co-Chair:
Once a month, our volunteers cook up enough food to feed more than 60 hungry men and women here on Staten Island.

Sunshine Club
Chair:              Co-Chair:
If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, recently undergone surgery, or has suffered a loss, please let us know. We all can use a little help at times.

Welcoming Committee
We want new families to feel welcome here at Ft. Wadsworth Family Housing, so if you see moving trucks, let us know, and we'll give them a Welcome Basket full of helpful items like maps, take-out menus, important phone numbers and even a tasty treat.